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Best metasearch site

ez2www, cumbersome name, great site

keyA metasearch engine is a search site that gathers listings from several search engines and directories and combines them into one list of results.
Normally metasearch engines will give pages that have a high ranking in
several search engines a boost in the metasearch ranking. This makes sense, as many such high rankings may be considered a vote of confidence.

Given that the search engines and directories do not cover the exact
same areas of the Web, metasearch engines may also give you a broader reach of the Net.

There is actually, a large number of metasearch engines out there (see the
list at the bottom of our metasearch page). Unfortunately, quite a few of them stink. The design and coding is bad, and the results are filled with pay per click text ads. There are some notable exeptions though, being one of them.

At the core of ez2www is a metasearch engine that gathers results from AlltheWeb, Teoma, Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, Wisenut, ODP, and MSN.

The result pages are relatively uncluttered and easy to read. To help
the searcher pinpoint the information she or he needs, ez2www has included links to
relevant directory categories (directory results from the Open Directory) and to clustered results, i.e. to related and more focused search queries.

The pages that are considered most relevant are given a number of one to
five stars.

At the bottom of each result page, ez2www tels you how many results each
search engine has reported and how many of these the metasearch engine has fetched.

This is not all. There are separate metasearch engines for searching for
news, autions, encyclopedias, forums, images and MP3 files. There is a translation
service, and a page for advanced searching that lets you limit your search to specific topic oriented search engines and sites.

Any cons? Well, ez2ww insists on giving us news in English on Norwegian
affairs on the front page, meaning that it tries to give us a portal page based on our point of origin. If we were looking for portal features like these, we would probably go elsewhere. We do appreciate direct links to the relevant national parts of the Open Directory and other services, though.

Morevoer, the name ez2www is probably not as easy to remember as the
creators may think.

The Pandia Metasearch Engine has, of course, not been considered for this award.

(The Pandia Post Newsletter No. 16, January 2003)

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