Friday, March 11, 2005

2002 Search Engine Watch Awards

By Danny Sullivan, Editor
January 28, 2003

Honorable Mentions:
Ez2find, Kartoo & SurfWax

We didn't believe that any other meta search services stood out enough to receive a second place award, but there were three services that we felt deserved honorable mention recognition. Here's a rundown on all of those we awarded honorable mention status to.

Ez2find gained only 2 percent of the winner vote, but it deserves a closer look by many. It hits many of the major search engines, provides access to invisible web information, has topical clustered results links, page preview options and other features. Sponsored links also appear to be separated and clearly labeled. This is definitely a service to try and watch.

Kartoo provides a graphical look at meta search results, eschewing the traditional list format to instead map your matches via colorful balls and visual word links. It's definitely not for a mass audience and drew only 3 percent of the winner vote. Most will probably be confused by it, but a few may love the interface. We felt it deserved an honorable mention this year.

SurfWax gained the second highest number of "winner" votes, 15 percent of them, a high turnout helped by what were clearly loyal users lending the service their support by voting.

These users were especially enamored with a variety of unique features that SurfWax provides, and we'd encourage you to learn more about them by visiting SurfWax or reading this past SearchDay review of SurfWax.

We feel the service may be too complicated for the typical user. We also think the mixture of search engines isn't tightly focused enough on web search, with matches from specialty sites such as SearchEdu and CNN blended in with Yahoo, MSN and other general search engine listings. For these reasons, we recognize SurfWax with an honorable mention rather than a second place award.

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